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Monday, October 17, 2011

Yet More Burghley

As always, the natural world demanded my attention on the visit to Burghley; and how could it not, with a deer park, and various man-made and natural attractions. I was struck by the beauty of these huge, furry leaves, though I don't know what tree they came from (anybody know?). The patterning on the leaf is fascinating; hugely detailed and reminiscent of tree bark. The reverse of the leaf was just as fascinating, though more muted. I took this one home with me, but within a couple of hours, the green had gone. For want of waxed paper to iron it with, I sprayed it with a wax coating which you would usually use on waxed coats; that has preserved it to some extent, but the stunning colour is gone.

I wouldn't usually think of such a colour combination; isn't nature a wonderful artist? Watch this space for lime green appearing in my palette in future! I bought some, recently, and haven't used it yet... now seems to be a good time! Perhaps in a small piece, just to see how I like it... and then, who knows!

1 comment:

Valeri said...

I love leaves and that is such a wonderful picture of one. As you say the colour combination is great!