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Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Scary... quickly time goes by. It's Monday again, and Monday evening to boot, and I somehow lost the weekend... I did have a meeting with another textile person today, to talk about a possible collaboration, which will be fun. And then there was flower arranging class, with a traditional tied arrangement, all roses and alstromeria, not to mention lots of foliage. Photos tomorrow... I love the roses, they are flame coloured, and variegated...will be taking a number of photos of them at different stages of their life, to see what I can do with them on Big Bertha.

I am, however, excused from chicken feeding and dog walking duties; Haydn and Judy are back from their holiday. I will, however, be wandering about Dereham Common nevertheless, with or without dogs, collecting bits and pieces for the next arrangement. Watch this space! Oh, and I'm going to experiment with wreath making, tomorrow, using fabrics. That should be entertaining. I used a wreath form as part of the arrangement this evening, and discovered that it's not as easy as it looks to cover it with foliage... but I managed. Eventually. Phew. Fabric should be Much More Manageable... but you never know.

And in honour of the arrangement, an image of part of a flower.

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