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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hunny... one of my favourite places in Norfolk. Hunstanton is a seaside town on the North Norfolk coast. If you walk past the shops and the fair rides, along the esplanade and keep going, you eventually get to these wonderfully coloured cliffs, which look like coconut ice on a huge scale. The cliffs are chalk, and the pink staining is apparently caused by rust. When you look at individual rocks, you can see the similarity with rust dyed cloth.

I think when we look for inspiration, we look at things on a big scale...whole landscapes, like the one above. For myself, though, I like to look small, like the landscapes in the little rocks in the other photographs. They have huge potential...perhaps I should have brought the white one home and tried dyeing with it... but I outwalked my strength, yesterday, and couldn't have done so if I'd been paid!

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