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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Felting Frenzy...

is what seems to be going on right now. I was in the shed on Friday with my 'apprentice', Gemma, and taught her how to wet felt. One of the things we made was this short scarf, made with wool fibres dyed by my friend and fellow Etsian, Kary, aka The Knotty Sheep , gentle lilacs and blues. I added some white silk fibres, for texture and colour. The scarf is short, and looks like an unstructured collar when you wear it. I can't decide whether to fasten it with a brooch or to make a ribbon or Evolon flower to fasten it. Similarly, I can't decide whether to keep it or sell it. That last one is not much of a problem, though...there will be other, different, possibly better scarves to come.

Gemma took to felt making like a duck to water, as she always does. It struck me, as we were working together, that the principles of most techniques can be taught in about an hour, if the student is paying attention. The rest of the learning is down to practice and imagination. All you need for that is time and confidence. Try it...what do you have to lose?

1 comment:

Kary said...

Beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for using my fibers!!!