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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Going Conkers....

...aren't they beautiful? Shiny, with a wonderful waxy feel when fresh, and a gorgeous depth and variety of colours and texture. I picked this one up on a walk with Judy's daschunds. I'm not the only one with this enthusiasm, of course...they are beloved of schoolchildren everywhere, not to mention the occasional artist. My lovely friend June Underwood has made some lovely art featuring horse chestnuts, including this piece, which I am fortunate enough to own. Looking at it, I realise that I am boldly going in my current work where June has already been, but I know she won't hold it against me! And I'm taking a slightly different tack to hers; I look at one thing at a time, close up; she creates compositions, whilst I take close ups. I'm sure there's probably more to it than that... any thoughts, June?

I feel some autumnal art coming out of these photographs...but not necessarily of the conkers themselves, and not solely textile, either. I'm fascinated also by the outside protective coating, aka The Spiky Bit. Inside, they have incredible texture and beauty; I have contemplated making jewellery using them. Now that I'm interested in floral art, I find myself contemplating another piece similar to the one I blogged about earlier in the week, but this time using what I can find on my walks...a picture of autumn.

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