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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Know, I Know...

but it's nearly the end of October. I know you don't like to hear the C word much before December, but to get all the presents made, you have to start early. So here is my first attempt, a pincushion with a definite Christmas theme to it. I made it 6" square, because I hate wee footery pincushions...I only lose them. This one has three different fabrics on the top, including a hand dye, and is quilted in gold variegated metallic threads, as well as having an embellishment of some sari yarn around the edges. The back is made of Evolon, so that it isn't too slippy; nothing worse than a pincushion slalom...

I'm just about to do a lot of this kind of thing, so bear with me, as inevitably, it will make its way onto the blog. Much of it will be for the Etsy shop, but some of it will be for my loved ones... but I'm not saying which is which, so if you like something in particular, and you're on my Christmas list, perhaps a few hints would be in order... Mind you, I will also show you some of the felt I made yesterday, too, once it is dried and stitched. So it's not all holly and mistletoe...honest... and I promise, no Christmas music. Not at all. Not a note. No sir.

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