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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Out and About...

with Terry and Mitch today. We went to Burghley, probably best known for the annual Horse Trials, but which has amazing gardens as well as stunning architecture. I love the look of this tower. Mostly, though, we wandered through the sculpture park. There is a lot of sculpture on show there, some of it changing annually, some in the permanent collection. There are lots of surprises; a wonderful variety of approaches and materials, mixed media, like the cows, stone, as the reclining woman above, lots of wood ( not surprising in a garden), and metal. I ended up taking over a hundred photographs, many of the sculptures, but also many of the trees and what remains of the flowers in the gardens. We were there for a morning, but I could just as easily have spent all day there. Amazing, and well worth a visit.


Julie said...

You were close to my neck of the woods today Marion. I haven't been to Burghley for a couple of years and it looks like thye've got some new sculptures. It is a fascinating place.

Feather on a Wire said...

Love the cows, can you attribute the artist?
The only thing I knew about Burghley were my britches (grin).
Have a great time!

marion said...

Julie, I'm going back, it was amazing! Sally, can't attribute at this point...see next post!