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Thursday, October 06, 2011

More Than A Passing Interest...

in passementerie, methinks. I did a workshop recently with my friend and hopefully soon to be collaborator (well, okay, partner in crime...) Claire Hedges, whose website is here. Claire weaves bespoke braids, makes plush (and posh) pompoms, brilliant buttons and terrific tassels. The images are my efforts at the pompoms and tassels...not anything like hers, yet, but hey, I can keep practicing! Claire's work pops up in private homes, but also in National Trust properties. I'm planning to interview her for the blog, as I think what she does is fascinating.

I didn't think I'd enjoy passementerie, altogether too traditional and tidy for me, but in fact, I did. Though Claire would probably say that there wasn't much in the way of tidy about my tassels...sigh. I did try, honest! And I did get enthusiastic enough to feel that I'd like to try more of this; the green tassel is one I made at home (in true Blue Peter style). Hoping to get a bit more tuition in return for a wet felting lesson... Could Do Better.

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