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Monday, October 17, 2011

More Burghley...

Sadly, I can't attribute the photos in the last post...or at least, not yet. I abandoned my leaflet at Terry's house, and don't have the information, though I did provide a link to Burghley itself, from whence doubtless more information can be obtained. I can, however, enthuse hugely about the ongoing exhibition there. I really enjoyed looking at Julian Wild's 'Incomplete Systems', the featured exhibition there this year. They are truly amazing. For me, at least, they somehow express huge amounts of energy held captive within a construction. I was truly impressed. The image above shows one of the sculptures in situ; click either of the links for more detail.

Three dimensional work is challenging for me; it requires a depth of spatial awareness which I just don't possess. Believe it or not, that's why I'm learning flower arranging; anything that has to be viewed from all sides, and look good, has to be helping me to develop that awareness. Similarly, I recently spent a day working with clay. Whilst I was happy with the form of what I produced, the finish of the objects was not as I wanted it to be. If we are wise, we learn continually from all kinds of activities, some art related and some not...and, more importantly, we apply what we have learned.

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