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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Come In No. 138,,,

...your time's up!

I've joined Blogtoberfest this year, to encourage me to post Every Single Day. And there will be A Giveaway at some point, so watch this space!

Meantime, I'm wondering about windows for the International Quilt Challenge. The logical thing to do is to work from a photograph, but... when I was studying in Russia, a long time ago, I had to write a Russian dissertation. I wrote about the translation of Robert Burns' poetry into Russian by a poet named Marshak. He made a really good job of it, by the way, albeit with ideological slants that occasionally made me wince. I doubt Rabbie would have minded...but I digress. The first sentence was that translation was like a window; whilst you could see through it to the reality beyond, you were always held back and away from chunks of the meaning. That is because in all fictional writing, there is layer upon layer of cultural references, some of which just don't translate from the source language, others which translate only partially. I think it's just like looking through a window; you can see what's going on, but you can't necessarily hear anything, or smell you lack some information about what is actually going on in the room. I'm wondering how that might be expressed in visual form...

Incidentally, I'm the administrator for the International Quilt Challenge group. We have a waiting list, with a number of names on it, and if we gather enough, we will start a second group going on the same basis as the first. Let me know if you're interested, please, by email or message here or on the IQC blog.

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Katie said...

your quilting is beautiful!