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Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am reminded that I paint a bit, too. This time, I came across a small piece I made for a project that came to nothing. It's a small watercolour, on board. I think it's fun! I haven 't painted in some time, but would like to make more happy pieces like this one. I'll be interested to see it with a mount. Mounts and frames make a huge difference to pieces, somehow. In fact, I think this particular piece has potential as a fabric design, so may well have a go at doing some yardage. Or try it out on Bertha...I have the photographs, and I know how to use them! I think this would be interesting printed large, and then embellished with stitch. Watch this space...

This train of thought is typical of me, really... I find something, not necessarily an art work, and then start having ideas around it. I think that's why I enjoy working as a coach with people who are blocked for some reason. There are more ideas in the world than we have time to work with... coaching lets me share them around! Anna wrote about her experience of coaching here.
She was great fun to work with. All it took was a little shift in her thinking for her to realise that her work did have a direction...and off she went, block well and truly busted! What do you need to change your thinking about, in order to be more creative? And who can help you see it?

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