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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chop, Chop!

I spent the afternoon in the Little Green Shed, cutting up fabric to make a variety of different things. It's boring work, but once you get into a rhythm, it's quite meditative. I even switched the music off and worked in glorious I nearly shot out of my skin at a loud knock on the side of the shed. Robin, bellowing that the neighbours didn't believe that I was there at all, as there was no music and no giggling. Now, I knew that they associated me with giggling...most people do. In fact, I spoke to an old friend on Skype a couple of days ago, and almost the first thing he said was, oh no, you've still got that awful laugh! As if I could lose it...

That laugh has got me into trouble over the years, of course. I once taught a conversational French evening class that was moved into another room, because the Floral Art ladies protested at the level of hilarity coming from next door... and many people have found me at shows by my giggle. I don't think that's a bad thing to be known for... and I try to make sure that my workshops ring with laughter; having fun is the best way to learn.

I now have lots of different bits of fabric to play with...and a husband on holiday for three dAdd Imageays. That suggests that play time is likely to be deferred until Thursday... oh well... he doesn't take holidays very often. I might even get to Go Somewhere... though it's more likely that we will spend the day flinging things in a skip, and taking others to a charity shop. Don't we lead an exciting life?

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quilthexle said...

We should meet in person eventually - people would ask for ear plugs, I'm sure ;-)) Some years ago I was at the Frankfort Book Fair, and when I arrived at the boot of a publisher I was told - yes we know you were just around the corner, we heard you laughing ...
So, wishing you some good laughs today - take care, Frauke