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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


...I didn't expect to fall at the first hurdle.... missing a day in the first week of Blogtoberfest...oops. This is what distracted me; my second flower arranging class. I spent two weeks wandering around looking for a suitable container; the brief had been to find something long and thin. I could find everything but. Finally, in a garden centre, I found this shabby chic type box, intended for holding small plants. Cheap, too (hurrah). I used razor shells to delineate the sections, and filled them with flowers.

I can hear you wondering what this has to do with my textile work? Well, the final touch was to scatter some metallic Angelina amongst the flowers, to give a touch of shimmer, and to refer to the sea. I think it worked rather well!

Flower arranging is newish to me. I haven't done any arranging since I was at university, when I used to work in a flower shop to earn some extra money. Then, when I showed some of my work at a Flower Festival recently, I started wondering about trying it out...hence the classes. I'm thoroughly enjoying this form of creative play.

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