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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Plodding Along...

...with the paper stitched book, Purple Rain II, which I showed you here .  There's a bit of progress, not as much as I would like.  A page and a half.  More or less.  It's slow work, possibly because I tend to pick it up only when I'm too tired to do anything else (like today).  To be honest, it's also a bittie tedious, possibly because I know it's not going to do what  I wanted it to do, designed it to do (ie stand up) unless I alter it quite significantly, either by stiffening it, or by cutting down on the amount of stitch.  Neither appeals, and I'll have to wait for it to be finished before making a decision.

What is pleasing me, though, is the texture that the stitch is producing, which you can see fairly well in the close up image.  That texture, of course, is what's giving me the problems...sigh... as the paper softens with handling, and stops being able to support itself properly.  I need to remind myself that every process is primarily about learning, not the final result.  This piece would be best seen as a sculpture, but there's not a great deal lost if someone has to pick it up and open it out to see what's going on in it.  In some ways, that might be better, in fact.  Books are made to be read...but they are also made to be handled.  And this piece is becoming decidedly tactile.

I wanted to print, today, given that my new apron has arrived, and I also found a tshirt that I've used for painting before..but just not got enough energy for that.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or, more likely, the next day.

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