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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Retail Therapy

Or that's what I expected, anyway. A wee trip out with Kittie to buy thread. What I'd forgotten, was that I haven't been in Edinburgh for a long time. So when I said, can we go to 'The Embroidery Shop', a veritable Aladdin's cave of threads and fibres, she said...nope. It is no longer... Well, what about the quilt shop I used to teach at. Ditto...gone... Well, I thought, while I'm out with the Bold Boy, I'll pop into John Lewis. No, Madam, they said, we closed our dressmaking department two or three years ago. Sigh. So I had to content myself with this lovely ball of yarn, which is much more interesting than the scan suggests, full of metallic yarn and odd excitements.

But I did manage a quick detour into Borders, where I bought 'The Art of Will Maclean'. I love Will Maclean's work, it is truly wonderful, as a quick search of the internet will prove to you. He works not just on paper, but with found objects, and for me, his work is quintessentially Scottish, rooted in Highland culture. Wonderful.

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