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Monday, April 17, 2006

A Day Off

Well, I had to have one...Robin is off work for the holiday weekend. So we went to buy bits and pieces for the computer, including a Paint package that I've wondered about for a while... and ended up in a Jaeger factory shop. No, I got nothing.... not even a scarf. Hell, I'd have settled for a handkerchief!! Robin, on the other hand, came out with a large bag containing a suit, two shirts and a jacket. There's something very wrong with that picture...sigh...

Meantime, the cats sat at home wondering where their dinner was, and the dolls sunbathed in the conservatory. Made from the same pattern, they seem to have come out male and female, he, the supercilious one, perches on top of a six foot bookcase. (note the Mummy on the shelf below. No, not his Mummy...) She, who seems to be annoyed with him, sits on the window ledge, glaring. They don't talk. Just as well, really. There's enough noise in the house without quarrelsome dolls joining in...

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