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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The One That Got Away

I talked about making a piece for an exhibit that had the theme of spring. Somehow, through illness and just general vagueness, I missed the exhibit...but I still have the piece. Originally, I started with a wool pieced base, but couldn't get it to express what I wanted to, and so have ended up with this piece, instead. It is called Emerging Spring, and it reflects the way that spring suddenly pops up, in gardens and fields, a shock of bright green amongst the dark browns and blues of winter. It is a piece of very fine hand dyed cotton, with wool felted into it randomly, machine quilted on a layer of dark green velvet, and mounted on a green cloth, stretched over canvas.

The idea was very simple. I hope the piece reflects that, even if the getting there was more complicated than I'd thought.

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