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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More Dye?

Surely not, I hear you holler. But I thought you might like to see What Marion Did with a piece she was given. My friend Helen Howes made this piece, but wasn't happy with it when she had finished it. So, knowing I like to play with such pieces, she passed it along.

What I usually do with pieces like this is to paint and stitch them. This one, however, seemed to want to be dyed, so dye it was. I think the next stage will be to add some fibres, and some more stitch. This is an interesting piece for me, I rarely ever use geometric patterns, and had wondered what it would be like to work with such things...but the wondering hadn't actually extended to *making* them! So this is a good way of stretching my comfort zone.

The other stretch of said zone was a return to encaustics. I had forgotten what a flexible medium it is (no pun intended!). Collage and image transfer are both quick and simple, and the paint has a wonderful translucency, combined with glorious textural possibilities. I paint in oils specifically for that textural effect...but it is much quicker with wax, it dries in painting alla prima becomes a real possibility.

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