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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Roots Too or Why Thinking Is Not Always Enough

Well, talking about roots yesterday made me think a bit... and remember that I'd made a painting with root like shapes. It's a very early painting, I've only been making paintings for around four years. I thought it might be interesting to take some of those shapes and work with them to make a screen for my Print Gocco, which is sadly underused. So, I took it upstairs and photocopied different parts of it. Interesting stuff... I've taken a couple of pictures, and will share them if I *ever* find the cd I burned them onto (don't ask...I had it a couple of hours ago...). I thought, since I was up there, I would also photocopy a drawing, and elements of a couple of other paintings that I'd like to use in this way. So I played with the copier, made the images smaller, generally had a good time.

Funny, you know, this photocopying and looking in black and white is recommended in lots of different books. I've always nodded sagely and thought, mmm, good idea... understood the concept, but never used it. Now that I have used it, though, I can REALLY see why people recommend it. What's more, I can see a number of ways of using it that I haven't read about...though doubtless, they too are not original.

I'm a natural thinker. I learn by puzzling at things, understanding them theoretically. Always have. I forget that sometimes, thinking isn't enough. You have to DO things, to see their real value. So...enough writing, I'm off to DO something!

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arashi said...

I'm working along beside you on barococo. Taje a kioij,