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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Going With The Flow

Sometimes you look at what you do and think...MmmmmmMMMMMMMMMM. Other times, you look and think, Sigh. Today was one of the latter. This is one of the postcards I made at the playday. It's a definite...sigh... though it was interesting to do. I work small, as a matter of course, but I hadn't considered working quite as small as this before. And might get smaller still.

The good bit about it was playing once again with some fibres, couching on the machine, in this case, onto my handdyed linen. I have a coat made from this linen, which I'm fond of, it's hardwearing but light, a great summer coat, lined with some sari silk that someone gave me. I keep meaning to make a bag to match, but somehow never quite manage it. It's not as if I'm ever that well put together, sartorial elegance wise!

Today seems to be a quiet day, a day for finishing off things, for looking out things and possibly even photographing them...and generally poddling around. I think we all need those types of days. The downside to the gallavanting I've been doing recently, is that I pay the price in sheer exhaustion. I used to try to work through that, but I've learned that it's better to go with the flow, rest when I need to rest, work when I can. And that is not to be confused with working when I feel like it, as described in an earlier post. I can always manage to feel like it...just can't always manage to be able to actually do it!

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Valeri said...

I like this. It reminds me of contour lines on a map.