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Friday, January 27, 2006

Going Out

For many years after 'the breakdown from hell', I found it difficult to leave the house. These days, I can manage it, much of the time. Which is why yesterday, I went to play at Helen's studio, and why today, I found myself in Norwich.

I love Norwich. As a city, it is beautiful, bright and full of a positive energy, with beautiful old buildings and a plethora of churches. Good shopping, too, and lots of good places to eat. So, I went to spend my Christmas book token, and, as usual, spent rather more than I was given...well, it's a tradition. Robin would be disappointed if I didn't, and who am I to change the habits of a lifetime! I got excited when I saw a book entitled 'The New Textiles', but that waned when I realised that every picture was in black and white. Perhaps there was a good reason for this...but I didn't hang onto it long enough to find out. Instead, I bought a book on naked raku (fortunately, given the climate, this does not involve stripping off...), one on modern art, and a couple of novels. And then had lunch with a new friend, in a new cafe/bar, well, new to me, anyway. Lovely food.

I used to see the not going out thing as a problem. To a degree, it still is, inasmuch as I get very tired when I do it. But really, I'm not so sure. Lots of stuff to little time... why would I want to be out when I could be dyeing, painting, sewing, reading...the list is endless.
Sometimes, all you have to do to change your life is to change your perceptions.

Meanwhile, just to show that I'm not entirely prejudiced against yellow, the painting above is called Ask Another.


Valeri said...

This is a lovely piece. It reminds me of a bundle of ribbons.

Terri said...

The yellow really gives this piece its oomph... really a useful colour for this reason. I like this piece - very energetic and purposeful. :o)

Anonymous said...

I like the yellow -- and your discovery about the benefit of Not Going Out. Really, in January, it's a good thing, this standing in front of the painting table, looking at the wet oogy weather. Although it sounds to me like you've gotten out quite a bit.

The yellow question marks are good ones -- maybe it's the questions that yellow provokes that you don't like.

Anyway, I finally got to make a comment here -- good going... j.