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Friday, January 06, 2006

Yes, But Is It A Quilt? or A Rose By Any Other Name

I made this piece a while back, one of the 'Flying Dreams' series. It's roughly journal quilt sized (A4). It started off as a small, pieced and quilted piece, which I then painted on. I didn't like what I got, so I painted on it again, and it became this somewhat angel-like figure of sorts, and there I stopped.

Yes, said a friend. But what is it? Is it a quilt, or is it a painting? Err...said I. I don't know. Finally, I said it was a quilted painting. Or a painted quilt. One or the other.

But why does it matter? Of course, it does to some folks. Fine artists would probably say it's a quilt. Quilters would say it's a painting. The cynics among us would suspect that the difference between the former and the latter would be about £100.

I know one thing for sure: the piece doesn't mind. It doesn't care what you call it...and neither do I.


Felicity said...

I find words scary so your thoughts on them are interesting. But as you also say, it is important to some people to put labels on art. That's what is scary, that words mean something very important and specific! I use them in a very loose 'ballpark' way and hope for the best!

annabel said...

What's the difference then between painting on canvas and painting on cotton?
I loved the piece you did on words because I'm working on something similar at the moment but like Felicity find it hard. The quote I keep in mind is by Jane Austen:

"What should I do with your strong, manly, spirited sketches, full of variety and glow?-How could I possibly join them on to the little bit (two inches wide) of ivory on which I work with so fine a brush, as produces little effect after much labour."

In my case, its to little effect of course, in Jane Austens case she was being modest; her words convey a precise double meaning!!