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Monday, January 23, 2006


Right, I thought. Let's go play with those photocopies. Upstairs I went, took some extra copies, making sure I put aside a set to use as originals. Then further up, to the cloth studio, where...I got distracted.

Well, the first distraction was, I suppose, at least related to the photocopies! While thinking rootlike thoughts (and waiting for something or other to happen, I forget what), I drew a design of sorts onto paper with transfer crayons. So I thought I'd 'warm up', literally and metaphorically, by ironing the design onto some lutradur. So far so good.

Then I thought, well, a bit of stitching might be I looked at a piece that was on the board already. It seemed to lack A Little Something. The Something it Lacked, apparently, was some yarn couched on to the base (photos to follow). My friend and ace quilter SallyBramald has been doing some lovely work using a new couching foot for her Bernina that allows you to do free motion couching. I don't have the technology (my Bernina is ageing and wonderful, but has the wrong shank altogether), but I wondered if I could emulate her...the answer being, no!! But given that the pattern isn't structured, it's easy enough to forgive myself. Photos to follow, when I've added the lutradur. Or possibly even before!

As for the photocopies, well, there's always tomorrow...or even this, tomorrow sounds fine. Now to go switch the iron off.

ps the painting is called Norfolk Garden.

1 comment:

Debra said...

OK. These 'nina people are all talking like this freemotion couching foot is so great. I freemotion couch frequently with a plain old couching foot and have no problem. tight curves.. loose curves...

So what's the deal??

(I just can't do it quickly...)