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Monday, April 30, 2007


The football season is over, at least as far as Robin's team is concerned, and we get our weekends back! No more disappearing to watch, or play, or run the line. Hurrah. So we went out both days, as the weather was fine. Saturday got swallowed up by shopping; Sunday, however, was a joy. We went into Suffolk, to visit the village of Lavenham. Lavenham is an artist's paradise, a medieval village which was at the centre of the wool trade. The National Trust has a property there, the Guildhall of Corpus Christi, a beautiful building filled with interesting textile things from before the Industrial Revolution, and a Dyer's garden, full of all sorts of herbs and plants for dyeing. But, though the Guildhall is gorgeous, so is almost every other building in the village. I particularly enjoyed the Crooked House Gallery

Of course, its intruiguing architecture is part of its charm, that's obvious from the picture; but it is a treasure house of art inside, much of it unusual, including some wonderful small sculptures by Zoe Rubens, witty and intruiguing. I would have loved to have taken several of them home...but sadly, the pocket wouldn't allow. Still, there's her website, and her blog...and a girl can dream...and save up! For now, though, the cash is going to pay for a lovely bolt of cloth for dyeing, so sculpture will have to wait, I'm afraid. Sigh. All in all, a good time was had by all concerned (and a good lunch, to boot). And yes, I did forget my camera (thanks to the Crooked House Gallery for the image...), but believe me, I'll be back there, soon, camera and pastels at the ready.

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Dianne said...

WAHOO football is over(G) well you get to spend more time with your man, thats a good thing..
Lavenham for sure one of my favorite villages.. We went to the
Crooked house too its fantastic, the artist are brilliant there..
Next time you HAVE to bring the camera and go to the Church there it has the flint stone on it just beautiful. Maybe you can take a few rubbing at the church too..
What wonderful momories I have of my trip to Lavenham...