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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Toys...

in the plural. Would it surprise you to know I bought another sewing machine? No? You know me too well... I bought an old Bernina, a 1090S. I already have a 640, but, as you know, it is in sulk mode. So I thought I'd better have a backup for my backup. And thank you, Fulvia, you were right about the Husqvarna (but it didn't stop me buying something else...). Robin is mildly disgusted. He fails to see the point of having more than one machine, or rather, more than two. He accepts I have one for free motion, the other for straight and fancy stitches. He just doesn't see why I'd want any more than that. And right enough, he's an accountant, he has one backup....but then, you can buy a calculator just about anywhere. A sewing machine is an entirely different kettle of fish.

I did say toys in the plural. A small boiler was offered on freecycle, and I snapped it up. Why? Well, I dye in my utility room, which has no sink, strangely enough, so all the water for dissolving dye and the like has to be lugged through in buckets and bottles from the kitchen, through the hall (cream carpet...). With the boiler, I can have lots of water in situ, and only have to fill it once. I am woman, hear me purr...lovely stuff.

And the same can be said for two parcels from Thelma. One contained some cloth, the other some threads and an intruiguing piece of felting, over a bar of soap (leastways, I think that's what it smells lovely). Not sure whether to wash with it or admire it. My money's on the latter. Thanks, Thelma...

I'll talk about the weekend tomorrow, but meanwhile, a piece of work, a postcard, a linoprint on handmade paper, a lovely, soft brown (wish I could remember where I got it from...sigh...) fused to pelmet Vilene, covered with lightweight lutradur. I'm pleased with the overall effects.


Lisa Walton said...

I had a 1090 for over ten years and it was a real workhorse. Great machine - well done

MargaretR said...

Lucky you Marion, 2 new toys!
I'm very interested in the boiler as I have the same problem, no water up in my loft. We are having a new bathroom soon and I was going to try and persuade DH(ex accountant :))that I need water in my loft, maybe your solution would be cheaper?
Glad you like my new look blog.