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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Out and About

to retrieve my now fixed Bernina. This part of the countryside is particularly beautiful, and the weather is mild, so the drive was a pleasure. I spent some of it thinking about writing an article about using lutradur for one of the patchwork magazines. It's funny how these ideas come to one as if by magic at times when you can't actually write them down, like in the shower, or driving the car. The creativity fairy clearly has a sense of humour... But then, if it's a good idea, you'll remember it...won't you ?

I've been making altered books. This one is part finished, I used it to try out working with Brusho paint, which I'd had for a while but not used before. I'm pleased with the results, but not entirely sure where to go now with it. I've been finding that a recurrent theme in the (still ongoing) therapy has been looking after myself. The first two books I made were very much about things that happened in the past, a description of my childhood, direct and indirect. This larger book seems to want to be rooted in the present. I think I will turn it into a reminder of all the wonderful things and people I have in my life now. Watch this space!

ps actually, watch the one above it...I can't add the picture, so I'll try another method...which will mean the picture is separate...sigh...I've been happy with the new, improved Blogspot til now...

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