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Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring is Sprung...

everywhere is frothy...the daffodils dance in the breeze, the cherry blossom flounces over the trees, and fields are full of oilseed rape. This relative newcomer is taking over...everywhere you look, on grass verges, in cracks in the pavement, in the garden, there'll be an oilseed rape plant straggling up somewhere or's the new dandelion. I'm a fan of it in its place, en masse in the field, I love that vibrant yellow colour, I don't mind the scent, which is like heavy honey, and unlike most of the population, I'm not allergic to it, either.

Working on Urban Tattoo II, this is a section of it in, whilst still in the stitching stage. I think I've completed that, now, but I want to add paint and possibly painted bondaweb, so I'm not finished. I might even bind it. Now that would be unusual; I hate binding (don't like frames, either, come to think of it). But I'd hate to be too predictable...

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