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Friday, April 27, 2007


I found my glasses, Rayna found hers and I discovered I am Not Alone in the losing of glasses. Next time I wander round the house looking for them, I shall think of you all, and grin!
And thank you for the advice; yes, indeed, mine were on top of a book, beautifully camouflaged so that neither Robin nor I could spot them...sigh.

I'm working on the quilts for France, five down, several to go. I say several, because I haven't quite decided how many or which. But I will, I will...and preferably before France emails and says, 'Well???...'.

I didn't draw yesterday, out and about instead, collecting my Brother (that would be a sewing machine, you understand, not an unknown relative), and besides, Thursday is Therapy Day, and that's more than enough focussed activity for one day. Today, though, I drew this. It's not perfect, technically speaking, but it is me. What's more, I discovered why I'm doing these drawings; to find myself. I think too much. Way too much. It gets in the way, and I get confused. What's important is not what I think, but what I see, but looking in a mirror doesn't do it the way that drawing does; neither does a photograph. As a meditative practice, a self portrait is perfect for me. So, I'm going to set aside an hour a day for this practical branch of meditation. Self obsessed? Perhaps. But it's better than listening to the voices that say 'you're not....' or 'you're too...'. Or even, 'you're worthless, useless, pathetic'. And of course, it has the added benefit of improving my drawing, my observation skills and goodness knows what else...and it's cheaper than a life class. Hurrah, indeed.


SheilaB said...

Long time no see! Any visits to the North planned? If not, why not .....

Big Hug
Sheila B

Dianne said...

Hey woman this does look like you only I remember you with a beautiful smile. Well I guess you can't smile all the time..Its good to hear this prosses is helping and NO your not self obsessed nothing wrong with trying to find ourselves..
Big hugs to you and Robin the lovley Scotsman

Rayna said...

I KNEW you'd find them! Good. Don't you hate when it turns up in an obvious place? On the other hand, don't you love when it turns up at all?
Double hurrah!

Lynn said...

I think you're doing great work in all areas. I especially like the self-portraits. I just did one of myself in fabric and now it needs plastic surgery to get rid of the wrinkles!

We had a great saying in the Buddhist meditation community. In fact, our teacher said she had seen it done in a tee-shirt. The phrase is:

Meditation: It's not what you think.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Hee Hee, I wondered why you wrote "Brother" with a capital letter!