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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I can resist anything...

except temptation...and these were wondrously tempting. The chocolates, for that is what they were, are long gone, but I kept the boxes, meaning to alter them. And I wonder why my studios are cluttered...sigh... I have rather a large collection of alterables, including some large cheese boxes that are irresistable...and a wonderful book from the 1960s entitled 'Fabric Collage'. I thought I'd do some contemporary fabric collage within its pages.

Today, though, AT (After Therapy), I went wandering in Norwich. The buskers were out in force, including a piper in full Highland dress (didn't recognise the tartan, though that isn't unusual). What was unusual was that I enjoyed it. Most busking pipers are, well, not very good. This one was, so I popped a pound in his case. Like all good pipers, though, he wasn't for stopping. Which was fair enough.

I find myself looking at Frida Kahlo's work, and bought myself a book about her today. I didn't like it much, but as I grow and change, my tastes change, too. I admire her honesty and strength. I'd like to think I could make art that has that honesty...but meanwhile, I'll just keep on trying.


smarcoux said...

you do have that art miss... its just that it hasnt gone out in the publics eye yet.. but its there and your wonderful.

Dianne said...

I thin yor painting are wonderful a very expressive.. You had me googling first the busker and I found on flicker pics of them all over Norwhich fabulous, the city reminds me of Cambridge.. There are fantastic pics of course the pipper and one fellow playing yur lute. I had a great experience seeing all the buskers, thanks for that, I thought they were the groups who dress up in wild colors and outfits, but they are street musicans.. Not sure what the others are called, we saw them at the Daffodil Festival in Listhrow (not sur if I spelt that right..
I love looking at your blog, makes me smile, I always learn something and wonderful eye candy..
Big hugs to you and your sweet Scots man...