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Saturday, June 10, 2006


But not into know me too well. I've been talking away here for six months, and discovered today that over ten thousand people have read a bit here, and a bit there... Further exploration suggested that you come from all over the blog is much better travelled than I am, clearly! Isn't it wonderful, that we can all come together and talk about our passions, no matter where we are, or when?

A particular thank you to those of you who leave comments. I don't always remember to reply, or when I do, I discover that the email has come from Anonymouse (who gets around, really!), and my reply bounces. But I wanted to say that it thrills me every time someone responds to what I'm I will try to Do Better. Honest!

Too hot to work today, I've been reading about Scottish artist William Scott, drinking coffee and eating chocolate...and wondering which side of this little quilt to work on. The pieced side is meant to be the front...but I think I like the back, better. Perhaps the compromise is to call it double sided? Most of my textile work is...but it does mean I can't mount it on canvas...sigh. The original intention was to quilt and paint the front...but now I'm not so sure. The handdye on the back is vintage linen, of an incredible tactile softness, and wonderful colour. Perhaps a whole cloth, instead...?

Robin is off down the pub to watch the first England game in the World Cup. Did I say how much I hate football (as in soccer)? Really, yes, that much. Still, it gives me a bit of time to if I really needed more... but I'm not complaining. Of course, if they lynch him (he's a Scot, remember), I might get a bit cross...but I'm sure that if he behaves himself, he'll be fine. For those of you who don't really understand this particular bit of banter, it has been said by more than one Scot when asked, who do you want to win the world cup, that the answer is 'anyone except England'... you can see why I'm a tad concerned!


Shirley Goodwin said...

Hmmm, nice fabric. How did you get the stats of 10000 people having read your blog? Is there something in Blogger settings that tells you?

Terri said...

Hee the Socceroos would be right up there on his "to barrack for" list? :o) I like soccer (football) about as much as you do, but I do know Australia is playing, though whom and when I haven't a clue.

MargaretR said...

Another one who doesn't enjoy football! I know many Welsh lads would say exactly the same as your Scots friends unfortunately.

I get very excited looking at my stats too, especially where people come from.
It's not quite as hot here in Wales today and DH is sitting watching the Grand Prix in Silverstone and I should be playing in my loft.

teri springer said...

"it has been said by more than one Scot when asked, who do you want to win the world cup, that the answer is 'anyone except England'... you can see why I'm a tad concerned!"

Ha, ha!! One of my son's cousins was wearing a t-shirt at the LL game yesterday that this reminds me of. It says: "My favorite teams are Michigan (as in University of) and anyone who beats State!" (as in Michigan State).....

teri....who is with you on the soccer.