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Monday, June 05, 2006

Idling Gently By...

Today is a quiet day for me. Tomorrow, I have someone visiting, I have to be in Norwich on Friday, but today, I can laze about and do nothing much in particular, other than a bit of this, and a bit of that. I went upstairs to talk to the paintings for a minute, to see whether I'm happy with them, still, or whether more is needed...and some are indeed finished, and some are not. Which is the way of these things. I came across a stray postcard from the batch I made a couple of weeks or so ago, and thought, mmm, you need more stitch... I think it's a good thing to give plenty of time and space between the point where you stop working, and the point where you declare something is finished.

What I do find intruiguing, is that I'm able to look at an earlier painting, which, at present, is at the top of the stairs, and say, though I don't think I would paint anything like it, it is, nonetheless finished and complete in its own way. Anything I did to it would be gratuitous...a bit like Da Vinci overpainting the Mona Lisa because his style had developed...if you know what I mean?

So, paintings and humans both need time to mature, to sit and just be... and that's my plan for today. Other than maybe a bit of tidying would be nice to be able to show Juliet my studio without having to clear a pathway...sigh...

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