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Sunday, June 18, 2006

QFATT Resnapped

Okay, I admit it. Yesterday's photo of the Quilt Formerly Known... was lousy. So here's another one, which hopefully, does a better job. And a detail shot, to boot.

I don't always take all the photographs I should. Mainly, it is a question of patience...I want to get on to the next stage, so this stage merges into next, with no record of how it did it. So, today, since I had the camera out, I took a couple of totem doll pictures, which will go up on the other blog, as they are intended for the elementals exhibit, ultimately. Just occasionally, I can talk myself into doing the work I'm 'supposed' to be doing...not often though.

Last week was a busy one, people to see, things to do, things to think about. As a result, I'm feeling just a tad washed out. Next week, though, other than Friday, I have no commitments, other than needing to take Robin into hospital, collect him again, and keep an eye on him as he recovers from a general the week will be peaceful. That's the theory, anyway, watch this space...

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