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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back To Work...

and today, it was painting, but a quilt, rather than a canvas. You may remember I posted a picture of a piece provisionally titled 'Turning Turtle'. Yes, the one at the top of the blog, here (which I notice, is upside down. Oops.)

It now needs a new title. I had though that it would be one of the pieces for the 'Elemental' exhibit with Helen and Heather. Water, I thought...well, it goes with the turtles. But when I started to paint, it was clear that the piece had other ideas. And stuck to them. Now, after painting, it has announced that it requires beads, applique, hand stitching (HAND STITCHING????????; fat chance!) and Dangly Bits. And that it has nothing at all to do with water, and everything to do with fetish. Or worship of some kind. Spirit.

I'd usually follow the needs of the piece to the letter. But have you ever tried hand stitching through acrylic paint? I don't think so. I might stitch bits of cloth by hand *before* applique...but after? No.

Besides...who's in charge here, anyway? Yes, you're right. Clearly not me. For a better look at the pictures, remember you can click on them, and a larger image shall appear. More when I've met the demands of the piece....

1 comment:

Omega said...

If your piece really screams its need for handstitching at you, you could try using a needle for leatherwork. I have found that it slices nicely through stuff like acrylic paint. The machine leather needle works too, but the thread can fray annoyingly often.