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Friday, June 16, 2006

Much As I'd Love...

to be lazing in the heat, I'm buzzing about, still, trying to make myself something to eat, and write the blog, and talk on the phone...all at once... I did, however, receive a parcel today; ten linen tablecloths, slightly used, but in beautiful condition. For a dyer, they are a gift from heaven...okay, I bought them on ebay! But the plan is to paint them, probably on Monday when my friend Jill comes to play with the dyes.

It has been a happy day all round, really, no work, but I did meet friends for lunch, buy a little fabric and have an impromptu camera tutorial. And got my hair cut. So I am better educated, and no longer look like an Old English Sheepdog! What more could a girl want!

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