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Monday, June 26, 2006

Doing The Impossible.

No, I'm not Superwoman. I don't wear my knickers outside my trousers. Nor do I leap tall buildings at a single bound...or even small buildings, come to think of it. But I am a sucker for a sob story. A couple of weeks ago, a colleague of Robin's at work spilt some bleach on a skirt, all unknowing. You can guess the rest, can't you? Robin is good at volunteering me for things. So, given that the skirt was brand new, and the woman concerned was throwing it out because the stain was on the front (or lack of stain, if you see what I mean...), I said I'd try to make it wearable.

So, I've produced a reasonable colour match, and the skirt is in, soaking, as we speak. What's the chances of it working... pretty minimal, I'd say, but if the bin is the only alternative, trying dyeing seemed reasonable. And I've never been that hot on brown dyes, so I could use the practice!

I've been stitching on one of the small pieces I made a couple of weeks ago. I made the front to paint on, a smaller version of QFATT, but loved the back. So here it is again, but with some stitch added. More to come. Probably after Wednesday, Robin's mother is visiting then, and I doubt I'll get much more than this little dyeing task done, given the amount of house spit and polish that seems to be required...sigh...


Anne Wigfull said...

Speaking as a MIL, I would say spit and polish is all very nice but a warm welcome with open arms from a non-frazzled DIL is even better. Chocolate and flowers in the bedroom totally outweighs any dust bunnies :)

jenclair said...

I love the effect of this piece...the colors and the way they blend.

And can't help but chuckle at Anne's MIL comment! :)