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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Galloping Inertia

Is there such a thing? It sounds like a rather unfortunate name for a racehorse... Either way, I'm suffering from it. I think it's a version of TO...Task Overload. I feel that there are so many things waiting for me to do them, that I might as well not do *any*. This doesn't make me feel better, of course. But I seem to have lost my focus. And that has nothing to do with having two pairs of glasses, now, one for distance, one for closeup (and what a pain in the neck *that* is). I took my eye off the ball, to use a sporting metaphor (too much World Cup in too short a time). Actually, I forgot that there was a ball, entirely, I think.

So, today, I'm houseworking (Robin's mother is visiting some time this week, and a semblance of tidyness would be good...), and remembering exactly what it is I need to be doing. And what's important. It doesn't really matter if I write up the workshop I ran earlier on in the month, so I can run it again (it won't run the same twice, anyway). But it does matter that I get the sleeve on the quilt for the Festival of Quilts...and that I order the tickets...sigh... So, a list, and some effort next week, and all will be well.

Another attempt at a photograph of That Damned Quilt, as QFATT is now known... I sat with it for a little while today, thought that it needed turning round, and some other work, too. Perhaps that will get done this week, too. It's not essential, but it soothes the soul. And I have the feeling that will be important, this week.

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Terri said...

I know this feeling well, though I tend to think I feel lethargic at these times. Semantics aside, the feeling sounds the same. :o) Goodluck with the in-law visit. Hugs.