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Friday, May 19, 2006

Production Has Halted...

on these dolls, one of which went to Helen Simpson to wish her luck on her opening on Monday. Truth is, I've run out of bases for the twigs, and it's a lot easier to work on them when they are standing upright. When you work with them otherwise, you really need an extra hand, one to hold the twig, and the others to tie, bind, paint or whatever... The one pictured is Lady Lichen, who will appear in the exhibit we're running in September, Elemental.

I went to the framer, today, to collect three paintings that he'd framed for me. I don't usually care for frames, but two of these pieces look wonderful, framed, and the third will be fine once I've painted the doesn't suit the piece in natural pine, but will look good once it has changed to turquoise! Photos tomorrow, perhaps. I'm astonished how different the pieces look, now. More intense, somehow. It's intruiguing...something to ponder. Along with the thought of today, or rather, yesterday, do you really have to work this big? To which the answer is, yes, sometimes. And never, in textile. Guid gear, sma' buk, is the Scottish saying that covers it...good things come in little packages... That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

1 comment:

Terri said...

Good things do indeed come in small packages. I've been telling my vertically challenged self that for years. ;o)
Love Lady Lichen. She's GORGEOUS!