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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Celebrating Success

I'm sitting here basking in the warm glow that is a painting going well (not as expected, but well ). And along came artbizblog, with a list of things that artists should remember. I particularly liked the one that said : (Remember) That you are a work in progress. It will take many baby steps to reach your goals. Celebrate your victories along the way.

Celebrating success or victories is A Good Thing. We spend so much time criticising ourselves and our work, we forget, sometimes, to enjoy it when things go right. Even the small things. Especially the small things. Baby steps mean baby victories...enjoy them when they come, and remember them when they go.

I seem to have confused a couple of people with my photo on yesterday's blog. Sadly, Omega was right when she said that she thought that the photo was of a flint wall. It was, of course, perfectly reasonable to think that a textile artist and painter would work with what's around her...but in this case, the real thing is the real is today's picture of a gravestone. I'm fascinated by stone, and by the way that marks wear down over time. That thought has influenced a lot of my work, and will doubtless continue to do so.

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