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Monday, May 29, 2006

Keeping On

Today, I went to pick up my paintings from the exhibition; no sales, but some positive feedback and a compliment or two. As always, someone said how interesting it was to look at the paintings, that there was always something new to look at, no matter how often they looked at a single piece. That is one of the things I hope will happen when I make a painting, so I was pleased by the remark.

I also met a couple of textile artists, one who lives in a village not far from here. I'm quietly gathering names for a group, and I think I now have enough to begin with, which is exciting. However, it'll have to wait a little, until I've got the group for artists with mental health issues together; the introductory workshop for that is on Friday. Seventeen people have signed up so far, which is wonderful. I thought we'd be lucky to get into double figures! And, of course, we're taking registrations up until the last moment, so if you want to come and join us, drop me an email.

It has been interesting to paint in a completed sketch book. It is nearly two years old, now, that sketchbook, and I find myself remembering things about our search for a house, for instance, prompted by the scribbled notes in the book about this and that. I was also reminded how struck I was by the Norfolk way of housebuilding, using flints, decoratively. I still want to explore that in art... however, one thing at a time...well, all right, usually four things at a time, but this one will keep, I'm sure, developing slowly in the back of my mind until the time is right to work with it. Let's hope that will be soon. I've now got two tidy studios, and the room in which I dye in is reasonably tidy, too. Now, what will I mess up first...


Pat's Place said...

That is a wonderful image of a fiber piece at the top of today's entry! Can you tell us (me?) more about how you created such depth and dimension? The rich textural quality draws me right into the piece. Is this the full image or a detail shot?

Questions, questions, questions!!!

June said...

I want to know about it too. It's different from what you've done previously (assuming it's a painting by you.) So tell us!


Omega said...

And there was me thinking that the image at the top of your current post is a photo of a wall with flints and mortar. I love flints too, and have a garden full of them!
However, if this really is a textile piece it is astonishing in its versimilitude!