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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bank Holiday Weekend

Monday is a public holiday in England (Scotland does its own thing...Edinburgh had a holiday last week, Stirling and district will have one this week, makes no sense at all...). Bank Holiday weekends, as these holidays are known, are notorious for queues of traffic all over the country, as people try to make the most of the time off by going to places that everybody else wants to go to... and also, for rain. And the rain did not disappoint. It rained and rained this afternoon. Which was a pity for the Summer Fair on the village green at Gressenhall, the next village along from ours. But it didn't stop us going there, anyway, and meeting all kinds of people...and, of course, shopping. One of the farms nearby produces woad, and dyes cloth and fibres, as well as making all kinds of interesting clothing and home products under the name woad-inc (the inc stands for 'Ian's Natural Colour, of course!). I went on a workshop there last year, and it was a delight to see how well they have expanded their product range. The process of dyeing with woad (or indigo) is quite unlike dyeing with man made dyes, and the beautiful blues produced are legendary. I bought some yarn from them today, as you can see, and look forward to couching it on postcards and other small works.


Terri said...

Ooh I'm jealous. Of the rain and the beautiful yarn. Sounds like you had a nice time despite the damp. I'm glad. :o)

arashi said...

Oh woad is me, Grin, I[m glad youre enjoying tghe weekend. In the US its Memorial Day, much like Poppy Day, only for WWII. I'm getgtging my RR piede ready tgo put in the mail this wee to you. Take a look at my blog when you get the chance. By the way, iuf I wanted to order some products from woadinc are they on the web?