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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Endless Admin

Someone said, 'To find a handsome prince, you have to kiss an awful lot of frogs'. The same could be said about showing work, or doing workshops, and the endless admin that is associated with it. Part of today was spent on the phone, making the final arrangements for the Creating Community workshop, which now has a grand total of twenty participants. And part of it was spent in a stationer's shop, buying card and pens and the like, for the participants to use, and some sweeties for them to suck at odd moments of stress, or thirst...or just for the fun of it! And part of it was spent completing and sending the forms for entering the Festival of Quilts. I'm entering Quilts 06, and also have a collaborative piece in the two person category (with Thelma Smith , who is currently recovering from a bout of ill health, get well soon, Thelma!). And I've still got to fold some paper (twenty large sheets of Khadi paper), as we're making a book as part of the process, but don't have time to wait for twenty people to fold paper up...perhaps Robin will lend a hand this evening.

I have to admit that I'd far rather have been painting, today. But the admin is necessary for the smooth running of the workshop, and for the quilts to be seen in Birmingham, and I'm sure it's good for the soul! The painting today is a detail shot of a small piece called 'Half Remembered'.
Now...wonder if I can fit in a quick bit of quilting before tea...

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