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Monday, May 22, 2006

Deeply Unpopular

That'll be me, when Robin gets back from Amsterdam this evening. I knew there was something that we were supposed to do at the weekend, other than wander round other studios, and chatting to artists... And that was.... welllll...... getting the work ready to hang at the show I'm in next weekend. The paintings, and a couple of textile pieces, are to be delivered early on Thursday morning. Wednesday is my birthday, and we're going out for a meal. That leaves this evening, and Tuesday evening to put the hanging accoutrements on ten pieces. Yes, I could do it by myself...but I'm not exactly known for my grasp of the concept of 'straight'. As in 'hanging straight'. Or 'straight line'. Or even, 'equidistant'. So this task will fall to Robin. And he was up at 4am to be in good time for the early flight to Amsterdam for a business meeting (don't be jealous, the offices are right next to the terminal building). I think I'll tell him when he phones from Amsterdam, as he usually does before the flight. That way, at least he'll have the flight time to cool down!!

Now, where was that screwdriver...

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MargaretR said...

Ooh, I love these colours. Lovely rich and deep.