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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hidden Meanings?

You may recall that I posted recently about a postcard. I'd worked on it, and lost it, and finally found it again, photographed it and talked about it here. What I didn't share with you, was the reaction of a particular friend, who shall remain nameless. That's rude, she said. I looked at it again. Phallic, right enough, regardless of any which way you turned it. How did you fail to see that, she asked, wondering if indeed it was just her mind... Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't make the connection. I work a lot with marks that are intended to make you think that they have meaning of some kind, that they might have been deliberate, intended... only in this instance, the meaning my friend found wasn't anything I'd intended... ah well.

As it happens, I managed to, well, mislay the postcard once again. I found it abandoned in the printer/scanner yesterday. While fishing it out, I realised that actually, I like the back a lot more than I like the I'm going to finish it as a two sided postcard, and be done with it. Besides which, on this side, you get to see the encaustic painting clearly, which was intended as a feature, but the lutradur obscured it a tad too much, and whilst said encaustic looked better on the other side, I'm not about to unpick and start again. I rarely ever unpick a work...I'm more likely to throw it out, and I don't think this wee thing deserves that, entirely.


Anonymous said...

How come when I look at your postcard I don't see any phallic image. I looked from all directions, or at least trying since in this case, it's me who has to turn their self since I can't turn the postcard. I don't see it.

marion said...

Try clicking the link embedded in the text, go look at the *other* side of the postcard...