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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Joys of Technology

Today, my technology, such as it is, is having the equivalent of a Bad Hair Day. How do I know this? Well, just as I started writing this, my computer decided that it was time to reset itself. And Blogger won't let me upload an image. And when I sat upstairs working on a couple of pieces, my aged and reverenced Bernina made strange noises, chewed up a piece of fabric, shredded some thread and then broke three, no, four needles on the trot.


I'm sure you could have heard me in Australia! So, I did what any self respecting stitch artist would do. I took the machine apart. I dusted, I talked to it, I oiled, I cosseted. And it allowed me to finish what I was doing, as you can see in the corner, there. The piece is called 'Inner Landscapes I'. I didn't know it was a series until I realised I really want to make more of these. It is made from lutradur over a preexisting quiltlet, or rather, the back thereof. Whilst you can't see them in the scan, there are wonderful marks, like ghost stitches, under the lutradur. I'm really pleased with the piece. I suspect that it would like to be beaded, or possibly foiled, so I'm not sure that it's exactly finished, but the stitch bit is complete. It reminds me of a friend of mine, or rather, how I suspect his inner landscape looks. He has a strong sense of self, is incredibly laid back, and is, all told, a lovely man. Wonder what my own inner landscape looks like... or yours...what do you think?

ps As you can see, Blogger relented. Hurrah for Blogger!


jenclair said...

Hurrah for Blogger, indeed! Congratulations for conquering the technology glitches--computer and Bernina.

Inner Landscapes is a great idea for a series, and I look forward to seeing more.

Carol said...

Love,Love Love it,
The colours and texture are wonderful,look forward to the rest of the series

Anonymous said...


What size do you work in ?
I feel you must be on a roll with such an out put .
You put me to shame .

marion said...

This particular piece is small, about the length of a journal piece, and about 7/8ths of the width. Whatever size that is!

I've always been reasonably prolific. When in doubt, make something, seems to be my motto.

Terri said...

Hope the machine was just having a hissy fit and is now ...dare I say it...'on the mend'. :o) My inner landscape...not pretty. Great idea though. I'll look forward to seeing more in this series. :o)

MargaretR said...

Brilliant idea a series on inner landscapes Marion. Look forward to seeing more in the series.

Caitlin said...

So THAT's what the noise was! Did you work out what was breaking the needles? Love love love this piece, can't wait to get my hot little hands on some lutradur to play with too!

Lynn said...

Don and I both LOVE this piece. Your friend must have a lot of depth as well. Looking forward to seeing more.

Using a back for the underlay seems like quite a good idea. So many quitlets are okay at the time but then just get put in a box or drawer. Recycling them could be thought of as giving them new life.

Much as I am a sloppy housekeeper and can be happy as pig in mud working in a messy environment, I am a fanatic about keeping my Bernina clean. I clean it after about each 6 hours of sewing with a cotton bud swab with dabs of sewing machine oil on it. And I NEVER but never blow into the machine. It sews now 12 years old just like it did when it was new. Now I'm not saying this was your problem, but since cleaning it helped I thought I'd tell you about my regime. (I know: you don't "do" regimes but, och, when you think of it perhaps.)

Claudia said...

Is that what that noise was Marion!!!! Love the peice!

Claudia in Australia!