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Thursday, March 02, 2006

This one has lutradur included in the wax. Well, I had to get my new obsession in here somewhere!


Shirley Goodwin said...

OK, I have to ask - any particular sort of wax? And what sort of pigments? I haven't really worked with wax yet but I'm doing a 3 day class at Easter with Els van Baarle (and I'm hoping to be walking then!)

Shirley in New Zealand

marion said...

Walking, huh? I'm impressed. And jealous of the workshop, too. The wax is beeswax with damar resin added, which I buy ready mixed from R&J. Pigments are the pigments you buy to make paints with. Or you can (again, like me) just buy the encaustic paint, ready mixed, in little bars. Delicious stuff. It smells lovely, too.

Elle said...

These encaustic pieces are so textural. I really like them.

Micki said...

this is one of my favorite colors. these pieces are so wonderful, full of texture.