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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Monolith was one of the pieces critiqued today. It now has additional stitching, and looks the better for it.


June said...

Trust is important in critique, marion, but another element is being at the same stages in your art careers. For a real give and take, I think you need to have a sense of equality within the group, so that no one person is the "guru" and nobody is a "newbie." And various stages in-between. It sounds like a marvelous group. June

marion said...

I'm not sure that we are at the same stage, exactly, or not when it comes to art quilting, but we do bring an interesting mixture of strengths to the table, and we are each of us our own persons. So, we can survive critique, no matter what the style. And, I think, we all share a genuine desire to learn.