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Friday, March 24, 2006

Getting Nothing Done

Or at least, it feels that way. But when I look at the day, actually, it has been a day of incremental improvement. I had to go out to collect a variety of prescription well as the Prozac (for which I'm daily grateful), there's the iron tablets for the anaemia that always seems to be either present or threatening, and the inhaler for my asthma. Sigh. So, since I was out anyway, I continuted on to buy some batting and threads. And, once home, while waiting for the kettle to boil, I painted up some paper with transfer dyes. I don't have a lot of room for drying stuff, so little and often is my motto for this kind of work.

And then, I made An Experiment. I'm still struggling with the quilt for the exhibition next month, with Spring as its theme. I started a small brown quilt, but somehow, it isn't conveying what I want it to. So I took a piece of fine cotton, which is a deep brown, and felted some green wool tops onto it, randomly. I thought that I'd use it reversed, since Nuno felt of this nature usually has the odd glimpse of the wool on both sides, but whilst the two surfaces are bonded, there doesn't seem to be any fibre on the back. Which is fine, as I'm quite pleased with the top, and will use it fused (probably) onto some dark velvet. I want to suggest the random nature of growth, whether in a newly dug garden or a newly ploughed field. Pictures tomorrow, I promise. Meanwhile, the last of the dye pictures, a screenprinted piece that I'm quite taken with. Just as well, really, as I've got a few of them!

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