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Sunday, March 05, 2006


was, I thought, the balm of hurt minds. But reading the London Times Health Supplement, yesterday, I learned that apparently it helps you lose weight, too. This effect isn't working for me. But then it wouldn't, given the amount of chocolate I eat... But what really interested me was a side comment. 'People have some of their best ideas in bed'. it said. 'A study... found that nearly a third of us think that we have our most creative thoughts when we are between the sheets'.

As a confirmed taker of naps, I feel vindicated. As well as less tired!


Lynn said...

Oh Marion, I love this one. It feels like the promise of spring. I liked the bright one from yesterday too, very much. (Well, there aren't any that I DON'T like but some, like yesterday's, make me exclaim out loud when I first see them.)

Interesting about sleep and ideas. I think it may be true. Although when I am asleep, my ideas in dreams often seem brilliant until I wake up! As for losing weight while sleeping, I suppose on the theory that you can't eat and sleep at the same time there might be some truth to that. Hee-hee.

By the way, my blog for today shows my latest quilt. There's another piece of your handiwork in it.

Omega said...

I do find that sleep is very useful for solving problems, and yes, I do often wake up with ideas.

Wasn't there a weight-loss sleep therapy mentioned in Valley of the Dolls?

MargaretR said...

Marion, perhaps it explains why I have put on weight since January. I have been needing less and less sleep. I shall have to remedy that by going to bed earlier perhaps. I'm usually wide awake at midnight.