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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Creative Chaos or A Peep At The Paintings

My studios are attic spaces at the top of the house. They are...well...compact. I wrote a few days ago about being in the Zone. That day, I made four paintings...or at least, worked on four paintings, whether they are done or not is anybody's guess at this stage. So, here's a glimpse of them, drying, nearly dry, in fact, waiting for me to decide What To Do Next. Which might be, move 'em out of there and get on with something else...
But not today. Today, I've done various bits and bobs, and now, I'm going to have a coffee, and some chocolate, and then Take A Nap.
ps note the toys on the top shelf. I don't really have a studio at all, I have a playroom! Hurrah!


MargaretR said...

Well done Marion. It's strange how the 'muse' is with us sometimes and then leaves completely.
I like the one in the front of the second photo very much.
You are working on a large scale. Do you make very small pieces as well?

marion said...

Rarely. I don't know what it is about painting, I just seem to need bigger and bigger canvasses. That said, I've just bought half a dozen or so small canvasses, to try out a particular idea. Watch this space!

Jen said...

Hi Marion - I wish I could paint like you. I love abstract SO much and find it so difficult to do. Mine always end up looking like mud. I will keep on trying, though, and follow my own advice on practise, practise, practise. Love you work.