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Monday, May 08, 2006

A New Week.

Wonder what will turn up this week.... there's nothing in my diary, but that doesn't necessarily mean that nothing will happen. And there are plenty of things to be getting on with. I've begun another chapter of the lutradur book, and there are a couple of pieces in progress to illustrate one section of it, so they need to be worked on. Our next door neighbours (the ones in the converted chapel) cut down an ash tree, and gave me lots of twigs suitable for totem dolls, and I'd like to make some of those for the exhibit in September...dolls that represent the elements... so that's on the cards, too. Screenprinting with the big screens will have to's too windy today, and the weather too unsettled.

One of my goals for the year was to focus my work into one major theme, Before The Angels. That isn't happening, mainly, I think, because I have a tendency to work on whatever comes to mind, and then remember about the angels and think, oops...oh well! There's a bit of me that thinks that discipline would be A Good Thing. But the rest of me thinks that there's enough discipline in just turning up to Do The Work... Ah well, I never was a structured person. Queen of Chaos, that's me!


Carol said...

I like the spirit doll Marion, one thing I haven't tried,
I know what you mean about trying to focus on one theme, I am a butterfly and jump from one thing to another

ACey said...

Chaos has its own rules ;)

jackie said...

Yes,it is so difficult to stick to one theme - perhaps we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves, and just be pleased to have the creative urge.

Anonymous said...

"the rest of me thinks that there's enough discipline in just turning up to Do The Work."

Marion, that is the most important part. I suspect that at the end of the year when you spread out all the images you will be surprised. There will be a cohesive group of images with context and content. You have informed the universe, you are doing the work; your spirit will see to it that your proper theme is produced. What you consciously chose may or may not be what emerges. That is good. thelma